Wednesday, February 11, 2015

under cover of snow

Monday, February 2, 2015

Fond memories from a snowed in day in February

A 7th birthday at the Nature Center 

As I gathered up and visioned the nesting woodland embrace that we could celebrate with kindred friends in honor of O's December birthday, it brought out my college days of teaching at a nature center. I pulled every coveted bit and piece of the outdoors from around our home and laid them out in basket and box for the trek over to the center. 

 Educational entertainment was the container by which we could all gather collectively. My dear brother, mother and nephews travelled into town to join us; which was a total treat.  Our friends helped us serve the children salad and pizza; there was singing and cake; then we shooshed all to the outdoors to explore the woodland themed play area.

Monday, February 4, 2013

I was asked to offer a 'Real Farmer' story to a friend of mine preparing for a talk she will be giving. Its short and sweet and I've decided to share it with you. Please enjoy.
Nurture Yourself: (this photo was taken of us in 2006 in the strawberry patch)
My choices for becoming involved in the farming profession and lifestyle came from something deep within that I've carried since childhood. The fuel behind the intention came from natural tendencies of a wild spirit. The connection to nature that I've held so dear from the days of running around the peach orchard barefoot, pausing on the moss of a rock, or picking and popping a fresh strawberry into my mouth. As I  came through adolescence, and my awareness expanded, I picked up litter on my roadside jogs and this connection to innocence and nature morphed with a keen desire to right wrongs and make the world a better place.  Still later, when I left for college and needed to take care of myself, the intrigue of food sourcing, preparation and nutrition flourished in the landscape of my mindful connection to the earth. This created a backdrop for mentoring my path of nurturing and nature and now these themes interplay throughout my choices in stewarding the land. I had been farming for 9 years when I became pregnant with my first son. I had always taken great pride in my being physically active, strong and flexible as well as thoroughly enjoying an amazing diet based on fresh produced farm product. I knew that my body was a capable host for raising a child! During our 9 month gestation period I would continue to walk the fields in the mornings, squat for harvests, breath in fresh air, eat fresh food and stay active and healthy. I began to go into labor on a warm, balmy and windy April morning. Instead of moaning and groaning around the house, I decided to walk the farm where I could stay primally connected to the real situation of what was happening. It was intense, peaceful and powerful. We decided to plant the strawberry patch!! I got into my squats and dug into the ground, lying out the runners carefully with the mere intention to cultivate continual life. When a contraction came on I would stand up and sway with the wild warm spring wind. This went on  perfectly for some time until the pain shifted. At that time I went to the pasture and hugged a rock while my husband finished planting the bed. The baby was born healthy and happy at home a few hours later. He shares a name with a very tenacious weed, Sedge, and the next season he romped and roamed happily around the strawberry beds picking and popping fresh jewels into his mouth. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our revolution rickshaw for veg delivery, and some shots from the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We dedicated some energy to get the cover up on our high tunnel. I'm continuing to experiment with season extension for the flower crops. This tunnel is home to our October seeding of Larkspur for an early spring harvest.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last Friday marked the end of my cut flower and herb season. The temperatures dropped to low 30 and  the next morning I arrived to a blackened  garden of drooping plants. We prepared for the prediction by pulling in whatever harvests we could during the day Friday.  Every year the frost is expected yet still a slight shock. This following week we have been busy with tasks reminiscent of the past spring. We have been cutting back plants and pulling out all of the freshly passed plant material. The garden and greenhouse are looking bare, ready for compost and fall plantings. The dahlia plant material has been cut back to about six inch stems and we'll dig the bulbs out of the ground next week and put them into storage. 
 We were absolutely blessed with a successful growing season this year. As the kids grow older I am discovering new and deeply guided personal rhythms in relationship to my work. Our family continually ebbs and flows with the seasons and time, supported by our holistic intentions that seamlessly define the work, play and practice of our agricultural commitment. Truly abundant and for that I am grateful.